Improving Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss

Increase Metabolism

The speed of your metabolism determines the rate at which your body burns calories. People who have high metabolic rate are able to burn calories faster than others, thereby making the weight loss process easier. The metabolic rate of an individual is determined by their diet and activity level.

Many people believe that reducing their food intake will help to achieve quick weight loss. However, reducing the food intake will only make your body store fats instead of burning them off. Having four to six smaller sized meals in a day instead of three larger ones with no snacks in between will speed up metabolism and allow your body to burn more calories.

Skipping breakfast can cause you to indulge in overeating at lunch time. Irregular eating habits are the number one cause of overeating. Spreading your food intake throughout the day will not prevent binge eating, but also allow your body to work more efficiently. It will keep your metabolic rate higher all through the day instead of just spiking it once or twice.

Eating foods that contain lean protein rather than the ones that contain carbohydrates can boost your metabolism. This is because protein needs about 25% more energy to break down when compared to carbohydrates. Although protein and carbohydrates might have the same number of calories, protein promotes quick weight loss by taking longer to metabolize.

Omega-3 fatty acids lower your level of leptin. Leptin is a protein that fatty tissue of the body produce so as to regulate the fat storage. Lower the level of leptin in your body, higher will be your metabolic rate. Having fish thrice a week will help you to reduce your leptin level and increase metabolism.

Eating only raw fruits and vegetables for two consecutive days every week will promote quick weight loss by raising your metabolism. Some good low calorie fruits and vegetables that you should consume include carrots, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, plums, and peaches.

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